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Professional Coaching Online

Individual guidance and coaching for entrepreneurs, business people, and professionals interested in solving challenges around innovation and service design in your business.

You already know the Case Studies. You already understand the concepts and tools. And you are eager to start applying what you have learned in your daily work environment.

It's now Monday morning. You are back at work, so how to start? How to use and implement the methods and tools of Design Thinking in your daily work? How to create the sponsor buy-in? How to involve stakeholders?

LaInnovationKitchen can help you.

We designed an online personal coaching program to help you get this personal implementation process up and running. To support you, inspire you and to push you when necessary.

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The individual online program is always tailored to meet your specific demands and will consist of 1 initial session and 4 online training sessions of Personalized Professional Coaching. This way, you can immerse yourself in the world of Service Design Thinking, optimize your training skills, learn by doing, and make sure you apply the specific tools and knowledge you are looking for. You will be connected to an online learning environment where you will have access to your personalized program, your personal challenges, homework assignments and we will also provide you with all the tools and supporting information you need, to really start using this service. Design Thinking and Service Design in your daily work environment.



  • A personalized roadmap

  • Personal training with sessions via videoconference led by a senior professional from our Partnership Ecosystem (DTG),

  • Inspiring lectures by highly experienced thought leaders and practitioners.

  • A monthly set of challenges;

  • The opportunity to participate in offline training sessions and one of our Partnership Ecosystem Bootcamps and events.


A short and interactive introduction to Service Design Thinking. What is it, where does it come from and why now? What are the challenges? What are the main "schools of thought" within service design? What are the key case studies? What tools can you use? Where can you find more information?

Working in cases: financial services, insurance services, telecommunications services, IT, government services, NGO, fashion, luxury leisure, tourism, health, retail, human resources, etc. And teleconference sessions with our associates and team members around the world to discuss specific cases or topics.

The focus of the program will be on the practical part, learning by doing. Topic: Stakeholder Mapping, Exchange in value networks and Customer Journey Mapping using your specific case. You will practice the tools, but also explore how to apply the tools in your daily service offerings. We will prepare some interesting Challenges and People and train on Customer Journey Mapping: customer interaction with service. Ethnographic research, trends, interviews with business owners, people on the street. And translate the findings into People and Customer Journeys.

Working on your specific case with members of the Partnership Ecosystem team. Guided by a Senior Consultant from Partnership Ecosystem, you will gain the experience of how to execute a Service Design Thinking project.

Language: English, Catalan or Spanish
Venue: online videoconference and access to online tasks Personal Homework Environment
Max. participants: 1
Price of the training: € 1,500, = Includes 1 initial session and 4 online personal coaching sessions of 2 hours.

Started by our Partnership Ecosystem, a leading "design-driven" innovation agency helping organizations around the world make the transition from being strictly product and sales oriented, to being service-oriented and being human.

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