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Carlos Rey • Miquel Bastons • Phil Sotok Editors

Purpose-driven Organizations Management Ideas for a Better World


“Many companies have a statement of purpose. Not many have it specified in terms of knowledge, motivation and action. There are fewer that integrate it into their strategy. And very few harmonize it with the purposes of their people. This book explains how to do all these things.”

—Antonio Argandoña, Emeritus Professor, IESE Business School, Spain


“Establishing a good purpose for the organization, with business sense and consistent with the common good of the society, is primordial for conscious management. This book will help to reflect on corporate purpose, in its institutional role, and as a driver for management and for sound leadership.”


—Domènec Melé, Holder of the Chair of Business Ethics, IESE Business School, Spain

“Purpose has become a popular term in the field of business management. However, few can unambiguously articulate its multi-faceted conceptual meaning. Even less know how to turn purpose into concrete action in organizations. The book of Rey, Bastons, and Sotok fulfills such needs with clarity, depth, and elegance.”

—Yih-teen Lee, Professor, Department of Managing People in Organizations, IESE Business School, Spain

Purpose Driven Organizations

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