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The Power of Facilitation for the Opinno team by La Innovation Kitchen
The Power of Facilitation for the Opinno team by La Innovation Kitchen

The Power of Facilitation for the Opinno team

We had 3 main objectives in the request of our client


  • Consolidate facilitation tools, aimed at extracting customer needs in pre-commercial meetings.  for the business area.


  • Achieve the understanding of the business perspective in the extraction of needs for the creation of a roadmap prior to the proposal for the client. (gathering requirements)


  • Reinforce research, conceptualization, prototyping skills, and test skills.


Support the team at Opinno not only in the development of presentations, public speaking, and facilitation skills, but also as a team in contact with clients for business development and project follow-up or delivery. 


Step One: Create

Understanding of the workflow and motivation of the team, Co-creation of the program framework with management, and establishment of a training program for the team online and remotely.



Step Two: Design

Design of work sessions with Opinno professionals at three levels. In empathy with client service, in business and internal presentations and sessions, understanding leadership levels in each one and strategic management at the administrative level. selection of guest speakers and topics in all fields.

Design an e-learning experience that provides guidance and documentation.



Step Three: Execute

Execution of the event Online, holding parallel seminars for different guest speakers, work sessions, and documentation in our e-learning platform.

Follow up of e-learning questions and participation

Practical online workshop implementations.



Value for the project

Create value at different levels of the organization, create replicable installed capacities in the team, adjusting the contributions to the context in which they operate. Improve commercial and project development processes.



New Persona STyles and tools and innovation strategies for each member of the team to design and facilitate work sessions, workshops and commercial meetings with clients.

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