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MID Talent - Barcelona Centre de Disseny


A youth acceleration course aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and job integration through creative methodologies, considering sustainable growth and digital transition, with a special emphasis on competency development.

Theoretical-practical methodology applied to solving a challenge.

Sessions of team building, trends, digitization, innovation management, design thinking, circular economy, ideation, prototyping, testing, validation, economics and legal, marketing & sales, storytelling, and pitching.

Work in multidisciplinary teams with experts in the fields of design, innovation, sustainability, and creative entrepreneurship.

Competency development sessions, as well as professional and occupational guidance.


​Steps and challenges:
Collaborative problem-solving within multidisciplinary teams. Applying digital solutions to real-world challenges. Managing and fostering innovation effectively. Implementing design thinking principles in practical scenarios. Integrating circular economy concepts into entrepreneurial ideas. Generating and refining creative ideas through ideation sessions. Hands-on experience in prototyping and testing concepts. Understanding and navigating legal and economic aspects. Developing effective marketing and sales strategies. Crafting compelling storytelling for business narratives. Practicing and refining pitching skills.


Value: the value of the project lies in its ability to empower young individuals with a diverse skill set, strategic thinking, and a solid foundation to navigate the complexities of the modern business environment, thereby enhancing their potential for successful entrepreneurial endeavors and career pursuits.

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