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Lead to Innovate Forum

Leaders understand that new opportunities must be seized through effective innovation to ensure the survival and growth of their organizations.


he Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated that innovation is not only desirable but essential for organizations to constantly adapt to the ever-changing environment and customer needs.

What many don't know is how they can embrace innovation and foster the right culture within their organizations.

This forum featured the participation of a series of international leaders from a wide range of industries such as manufacturing, government, technology, education, services, and NGOs. A virtual discussion space was developed, consisting of two parts, and was moderated by ILM and DTG facilitators.

First Part: John Williams, Jorge Rodríguez, and Juliet Kampasi provided a brief informative session on key topics suggested by current research. This introduction set the stage for the second part and allowed discussions to begin from a point of shared understanding.


Second Part: Participants were invited to contribute to a virtual discussion with international facilitators, where the conversation took place with some quick questions, providing insights into areas that inspire debate within the five main questions developed in the survey. Each individual had the opportunity to offer their own perspective and develop their opinions based on their own experiences.


Results: The results suggest customer value derived from the diversity of perspectives, continuous adaptation to changing needs, and understanding the crucial importance of innovation in addressing business challenges.

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