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Design Thinkers España KOMEN

Co-creation Labs to fight against Breast Cancer, Panama, and Zambia

Komen seeks a better understanding of how Panamanian and Zambian organizations interact with each other and with the health system. Determine a collaborative system for how these organizations can be supported in new ways, in addition to direct financing, and coordinate efforts with local health systems to optimize resources, scarce in both countries.


We have trained over a hundred innovation assistants, leaders, and multipliers for the public health system. Komen is also interested in exploring and developing new forms of partnership, between participating organizations and the Komen Foundation.

Design Thinkers Spain Cocreation lab for  KOMEN


Identify a sustainable set of projects and interventions that are in alignment with the national cancer strategy. Emphasize collaboration between organizations and consider other sources of funding.

Find new ways to collaborate with Panamanian organizations to fight breast cancer.


Step One: Organize
Komen selected Panama and Zambia to carry out the co-creation laboratory due to the long-standing relationship that her team has established in Latin America and Africa. The idea of ​​implementing an organized response involving multiple sectors did not seem to be an impossible task. Komen hoped that through laboratory concepts, strategies to promote innovative ways such as addressing breast cancer control in the countries of the area will be clarified.


Step Two: Identify
These laboratories were co-created with Komen's Global Strategy and Programs team and LosRethinkers' LIK. The activities and processes used during the workshops followed the principles of people-centered design to provide a creative and strategic environment. With the base methodology of the collaboration between Komen and the invited participants.

Three main challenges were identified and several activities were designed to help participants solve the questions that each challenge posed. The activities and tools used during the workshop were specifically designed to face the challenges generated.

Step Three: Execute
The laboratories were run for three days in Panama City and Lusaka, with the participation of the Komen team, the organizations, and the DesignThinkers Group team. A subsequent analysis of the results generated during the laboratories was performed.

Value for the project
Strategies were created to implement within the organization and toward programs that support the work of other organizations. Deliverable materials were designed and created.


The most important results of the laboratories are a set of concepts developed by the teams of the participating organizations. At least four new potential projects have resulted from this challenge. At least twelve executable idea cards provide additional elements that can be used in other collaborative projects and systems.

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