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GADeR - ALC Network:  Innovation Explorers

Accompaniment Program GADeR-ALC Networks and REDLAC 2023-


The redesign of the fund's call processes and the implementation of a program to advise and support the workstreams and teams funded by this fund ensure that the network develops cohesion with innovation guidance and specialized topics, providing not only new technical knowledge but also personal and team skills to these leaders across Latin America and the Caribbean. The annual adaptation of the format allows the network to stay updated, dynamic, and optimize its efforts and achievements.

Challenges: How to provide continuous support and assistance in innovation to the winning workstreams of the Innovation Fund of the Latin American and Caribbean Environmental Management and Rural Development Network?

  1. Review the design and mechanism of the proposal call for the fund and make it easier to manage.

  2. Provide constant methodological support through innovation methods and tools to help workstream teams generate better solutions and manage and implement them innovatively.

  3. Accompany each team and provide support and feedback on their development and provide documentation and reference materials.

  4. Invite experts, opinion leaders, and best practices that contribute as inspiration for all workstreams.


First Step: Taking as a starting point our previous editions, we reviewed the format in which the call for proposals was opened, the instructions, and selection criteria to generate a more innovative, easier to manage, and dynamic process where teams could demonstrate their talent and express the strengths of their proposal.

Second Step: We iterated and evolved the program with new ingredients and interactions, more tailored to the needs expressed in the previous year. We renewed formats, content, and technology to create Innovation Explorers.

Results: The consolidation of a network of leaders and work teams around the topic of energy and agricultural sustainability in a specific region that activates many impactful initiatives and implementations in 21 countries of the region.

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