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Hotmart Colombia

Strategic guidance for your 2023 annual plan. We developed online guidance for the Hotmart Colombia team aimed at formulating an approach strategy to content creators who are currently their clients and designed mechanisms to detect needs, dissatisfactions, and pain points.


Subsequently, during the Hotmart Gravity Medellin event, information gathering and idea co-creation took place in an in-person workshop with key creators to compile proposals and ideas for improvement to be incorporated into the 2023 strategy.

First step: Definition of Objectives and Needs: Specific objectives were set for Hotmart Colombia in 2023, focusing on the content creator market. We identified specific team needs, such as improving customer retention and increasing creator engagement.


Second step: Market Analysis: Current trends in the Colombian content creator market and competition were researched. Identifying key opportunities and challenges that could influence the strategy.


Third Step: Online Strategy: An online strategy was developed focused on approaching content creators through digital platforms and social networks. We implemented tools to collect real-time feedback and understand customer needs.


Fourth step: Preparation for Hotmart Gravity Medellin: We meticulously planned participation in Hotmart Gravity Medellin, ensuring appropriate presence and necessary resources. We designed specific strategies to maximize interaction with key players during the event.


Fifth step: Information Collection at Hotmart Gravity Medellin: Surveys, interviews, and observations were conducted during the event to gather valuable data. Facilitating in-person workshops for deeper interaction and idea collection.


Sixth step: Data Analysis and Feedback: Analyzing the collected data to identify patterns and emerging trends. Obtaining direct feedback from creators to understand their needs and perceptions.


Seventh step: Co-Creation of Ideas for the 2023 Strategy: Facilitating co-creation sessions with the Hotmart Colombia team and key creators. Integrating the most impactful and feasible ideas into the 2023 strategy.


Results: Strategy adapted to the specific demands of the Colombian market. Concrete proposals to improve customer retention and creator satisfaction. Specific actions to implement the strategy, with clearly defined performance indicators.

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