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An Innovation Mindset for the General Services team at the Hospital by La Innovation Kitchen

An Innovation Mindset for the General Services team at the Hospital

We trained the team leaders from the General Services department of Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol in Barcelona in the development of their Design Thinking mindset, in a holistic and interdisciplinary way for its use and direct application in the management and development of projects and tasks in their area of service in the Hospital.

Based on real challenges from their work, we covered all the processes to generate solutions, both in the back office and in the front office, ensuring efficiency and good resource management, and delivering value solutions for your clients/patients and stakeholders.

Participants now have the ability to internalize, design, and systematize their development processes under work methods based on Design Thinking as a mindset.*


Introduce the General services team to the design Thinking Methodology to help them improve their problem-solving skills at the same time that they keep a human-centered mindset when developing the services.


Step One: Understand

Mapping the needs and main challenges and requests that the team constantly receives from all areas at the hospital especially medical and management. Co-creation of the program framework and establishment of a training program for the GS team at the Hospital



Step Two: Design

Design of workshop at LIK and remote work sessions with GS professionals to combine the learning and real-life application of their problem solving skills



Step Three: Execute

Execution of the learning sessions at la innovation Kitchen in Barcelona, holding parallel virtual seminars and mentoring sessions during the solution of the challenges, for ideation of solutions and iteration of solution prototypes.


Value for the project

Create value at different levels of the organization, empowering the team to create innovative solutions in a short time, . Leave installed capacity in general services leaders and staff to improve their innovation objectives and processes.



New skills acquired, new team dynamics, better objectives, and innovation strategies in the execution of the services of the hospital and medical complex in Barcelona.

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