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Design Thinkers España Gobierno de Colombia

Culture in Human Rights from Social Innovation in Bogota, Colombia

The Presidential Council for Human Rights at the government of Colombia requested our team to provide the appropriate tools for institutions to rethink the dynamics, resources, and current scenarios of the human rights system in Colombia.


The Human rights system is conformed by 7 ministries, more than 60 Programs and 15 institutions in all the regions of the country.


More than 100 institutional leaders were along two years. 

Design Thinkers Spain Innovación Social human Rights


Provide tools and methodologies for innovation 75 institutions that are part of the National Human Rights System of the Colombian government, helping them to integrate issues such as post-conflict and enjoyment of rights to all policies as well as programs they generate and manage.


First Step: Mapping and Researching

A "mapping" of the National Human Rights System was created in order to determine groups, priorities and levels of complexity in the generation of public policy. Priority topics, methodologies, tools and programming of a calendar of activities for 2012-2014 were established.


Second Step: Program Design and Deployment

An advisory system combined with training sessions was designed to attend to particular cases and generate specific methodologies. We executed the training and advisory program to the member institutions of the system.

Third Step: Knowledge Management and Publication

The experiences, results and cases were collected and systematized in a publication called "Human Rights Culture from Social Innovation Perspective" distributed country-wide and currently used as manual and guideline for innovation methods along to the entire system.

Value of the project

Installed capacity in institutions linked to the Colombian national human rights system. Generation of a common language in the methodologies and tools with the purpose of innovating in public policy, including the perspective of the exercise of human rights. Interest groups were started based on the topic of innovation in public administration, with the purpose of initiating processes of transformation of the state.


More than 100 leaders trained in topics and methodologies for social innovation. The creation of a critical mass of multipliers and innovators in public administration and policy. Inclusion of the human rights factor in the construction of programs and policies in the institutions.

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