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What is designthinkingweek?

This is a full and intensive week for learning and exploring Design Thinking applied to real company challenges, working in interdisciplinary, multicultural teams, masterclasses, and a team of certified facilitators and co-facilitators who will guide you through the multiple discoveries of this innovation process! 

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What will you find in a designthinkingweek


In each edition, we focus on developing solutions that solve complex problems in organizations impacted by COVID-19 or economic trends in different industries. Corona has changed our lives globally and several industries are in the need of rethinking their business models and supply channels. During any DTW teams will work on ideas and prototypes to help your organisation recover or simply go exponential.


Day One:  UNDERSTAND Welcome, challenge presentation, team building, Introduction to Design Thinking Process, and the MIDI research process of empathy for innovation.


Day Two: OBSERVE empathy and field research, information collection and analysis, and point of view HMW.


Day Three: IDEATE: Amazing Ideation methods, creativity at its best, and prototype preparation


Day Four: PROTOTYPE and TEST your ideas: To evolve your ideas and turn them into actual innovative solutions


Day Five: IMPLEMENT generate your value proposition, business model, and implementation roadmap. Project Pitch to Jurys and peoples vote for the best solution.

 A specialized jury and participants will select the best solutions of the week and evaluate deliverables.

The Design Thinking process will help you realize that you don’t have to be a designer to benefit from using design thinking!

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Join us now and spend a wonderful week in Barcelona, or anywhere you wish!


Design Thinking Week Full Ticket
5 international webinars
Design Thinking Week online Course
Challenge Solve it With Design Thinking
Offline workshops in-situ
2 hours of Mentorship online after the event






Design Thinking Week Virtual Ticket
5 international webinars
Design Thinking Week Online Course
2 hours of Mentorship online after the event


We can organize a compact version of the DesignThinkingWeek for your organization and with your own projects! 

On-site workshops
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International Jury
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Team works
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Digital Workspaces
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Interdisciplinary teams
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Team Exchange
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International Masterclasses
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