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Playful thinking: how to create a fun experience for our customers

How can we use playfulness in our project?

Play is a deep human desire. As we learned in class, games, and play engages the user with imagination, curiosity, empathy, experimentation, and learning.

Nowadays, consumers are no longer the passive subject that traditional marketing campaigns were thought to target. More than ever, consumers are active, creative, and imaginative. Nevertheless, due to the constant bombardment of advertising, most people react with a blasé attitude –lack of concern– towards advertisements campaigns. The most successful campaigns are those that can manage the user in multiple ways; those that can create a memorable experience. One way to engage consumers is with play.

As such, we propose a game to quiz to help users in the difficult process of buying a gift.

The quiz game we are proposing can help our user 1) go through the difficult decision of choosing a gift, and 2) have fun in the process. As we learned, to play is to engage oneself.

Additionally, this game can help us better understand the social networks of our users, providing information about the recipient of the gift.

Please take the quiz so you can also find out the ideal gift for that special person.


“The State of Play: 25 reasons engaging with your customer will never be the same.”

“Megatrend Knowledge Culture.”


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