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No more b̶o̶r̶i̶n̶g̶ waiting

Play is about engagement, about making people ‘happier’, connecting them, help them improvise, inspire them…

So when we were asked ‘How might we introduce playfulness into our project?’ we thought: How might we make our users happier, inspired, through play?

We decided to make some of the pain points in the user journey a bit more pleasant.

As we know, nobody likes waiting. It can be frustrating and annoying. When someone orders a product that’s important or necessary for them (in our case home appliances) and need to wait for weeks to get it, their mood decreases 🥱 and the engagement with the brand is completely off. In some cases it’s impossible to make those waiting times shorter, but how do we make them less painful?

One of our first ideas was to give customers more information in a transparent way, using a tracking system that includes Blockchain (yep 🤯 we also needed a Youtube video to understand how this would actually work). So, what if we use the same tracking system, to connect with customers in a different and more playful way?

The idea is that, every time a step of the process is unlocked (example: the order has been shipped), the user would get the information but ALSO some witty or funny content that relates to the state of the order or to the home appliance world in some way. A song that talks about washing machines, a Friends episode ‘The one with Joey’s fridge’ (yes, there’s a Friends episode for everything), a kids movie about a vacuum cleaner, a game about logistics or recycling... and so on.

In this way we make the waiting a bit less boring and we add some value to the tracking system, making the user engage with content and therefore the brand in a new way.

And before we finish, just one more question: how are you gonna make your day more playful?

Be happy,



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