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It’s feedback time #2

It is a ritual process that after every MIDI group presentation, we get a brief feedback about our project, Accordingly, after our second presentation that was about 15 minutes. Our program director gave us a general feedback on our work and guided us toward upcoming phase.

We would like to point the major suggestions that we will concentrate on in the near future.

  1. The need of merging the three HMW, create only one purpose and work on that direction.

  2. We must recount our key finding references with Zambia’s reality.

  3. Find a relation between the success stories worldwide and KFIZ.

  4. Double check with the organization about collaboration and resources for events.

  5. Use the blog as tool to collect information and connect KFIZ as a collaborator.

  6. How can KFIZ find partnership and create a network.

As we received all the feedback, our future steps will be researching in-depth about our key findings…

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