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Highlights from The Postinstitutional Café series

A couple of weeks ago, The Moving School an alternative education project from the University of Kassel and its Transfer Program, invited us to propose a conversational space around the future of learning and educational systems during Documenta Fifteen.

According to our strategic foresight analysis and future studies discussions, we have identified Post-Institutional Scenarios where the design and implementation of learning experiences go far beyond the classrooms into actual living experiences full of technology resources, and very much community-based. These experiences will integrate multiple levels of learning in professional, personal and societal contexts that are closer to practice than theory and that support the development of safe-paced research skills.

These and more topics were discussed at the Post-Institutional Cafe in Kassel, The conversation space we designed to invite, researchers, artists, practitioners, experts, companies, and learners to build a tool for any community or educator to create their own learning model an design their learning experiences. Check out the conversations with Ludwig Möller - The Moving School (Germany), Jorge Rodriguez - La Innovation Kitchen (Spain), Dorothea Seror, andArtist The Joy of Weaving (Germany), Katja Tschimmel - Mindshake (Portugal), Claudia Salamanca & Nicolás Leyva -16ra Centro (Colombia), Klaus-Peter Haupt. Future Space (Germany), Manuel Grassler (Austria), Maria Stashenko - DesignThinking Centre Moscow (Rusia), , Devin Carberry - Learnlife (Spain), Fred Garnett - The Republic of Learning - (UK), Hector Canoge - Artist (USA), Faith Sihoho - Kenya Ice Hockey - (Kenya), Dr. Alys Mendus - Independent Scholar, Darumbal Country, (Australia), CECIDIC- Cabildo Nasa Community (Colombia), Slendy Diaz - Activist (Colombia), Doris Steinbichler, Proyecto "Epicentro, (Mexico), Jolon Dixon, Neurodivergent Planets (Saxony ), and Hamid Aaqil Shah, Moving School, Afghanistan.

Subscribe to the whole series on our YouTube channel here


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