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A Deep Dive into Fragrance Houses

one important thing to prototype and test here, would be the value that final consumers may find in the type of fragrance and how that information can be a relevant innovation factor for the device and the technology. If the fragrance is a relevant value, how can that value be delivered as a service to the consumer, using the technology through the existing or new devices?

As previously mentioned in our most recent blog post, the perfume market is one that continues to rise in demand by millennials. So, we have decided to pay tribute to fragrance houses and dig deep into this mysterious topic. We consider the importance of fragrance houses as one of the main stakeholders in the Connected Air Care Project. They are the masters behind the perception and the olfactory experiences associated with air fresheners. Amongst the established centers of olfactory innovation in the world, lies a house of makers of fine English perfumery, not too far in proximity nor in relation to the world-renowned fragrance hub in Grasse. The Cotswold Perfumery is home to fine English perfumery, based in the heart of the British capital, London.

To those of us who aren’t familiar with the mysterious life of ‘noses’ – a number of people who are highly sensitive to smell and…

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