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Service Design Bootcamp

Service Design Week

Menu: Service Design
Level: Bootcamp


A scoop of training:

In a week or less we will savor the world of Service Design applied to a business challenge, with four different types:


1. Basic Pack of Design, Prototyping and Testing of Services

2. + Design of Commercial Services

3. + Design of Internal Services (processes and management)

4. + Design of B2B and B2C Services


Work Structure


Day 1 (optional) Talks, workshop and successful experiences

Day 2 Key concepts and diagnosis of current services

Day 3 Service Design

Day 4 Testing Services

Day 5 Measurement of results and generation of service blueprints


Addressed to:

Independent companies that provide services, Entrepreneurs, Directors of service companies, Managers and Administrators linked to customer service, face-to-face, virtual and customer service. Marketing Directors, Sales Directors, Heads of Area, Supervisors and Personnel linked to the Culture, Tourism and Catering sector. Public workers.



For more information on upcoming dates, availability or reservations, please request a meeting with our teamwork.

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