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From Innovation to Evolution

Improve your professional and soft skills at La Innovation Kitchen
Program: Service Design, Entrepreneurship, Business Design
Menu: Initiation to Innovation (Innovation 101)
Duration: One day, four hours in the morning and afternoon
Level: Basic

A tablespoon of the course:

Innovation is a word that has become very popular in recent years. But what is it really? What is it for? Why does everyone talk about her? You will understand the purpose and need for innovation in companies, in how, thanks to it, better avant-garde products and services are created and developed. This course has been designed under our methodology "Learning by doing" which allows applying the tools learned in a dynamic and fun way.

Aimed at:

Independent professionals who provide services, Entrepreneurs, Managers of service companies, Managers and Administrators linked to customer service, face-to-face, virtual and customer service. Marketing Directors, Sales Directors, Heads of Area, Supervisors and Personnel linked to the Culture, Tourism and Catering sector. Public workers.

Take Away:

You can enjoy an extensive menu loaded with innovation. Social, service, internal, disruptive, business innovation in short, you will be full. You will know which are the most innovative companies and the advantages of this topic to apply in your professional situation. MMM…

Keywords: services, tourism, culture, health, public services, banking services, professional services, health services, after-sales services, customer service, service design, service design.


For more information on availability or reservations please request a meeting with our team. 

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