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Design and Businesses

Introduction to the value of design as a differential element of the business, its maximum usage and management within the current structure of the company, manufacturing and marketing. For companies interested in adding design to their business.

Design Thinking Basics

Design Thinking Basics is an introduction to methodologies and processes for personal or business


A new way of understanding your clients, segmenting them by preferences and lifestyle to best engage and keep them with you

Human-Centered Design

How to design products and services that match real human needs and expectations? HCD puts people and not technology in the center.

Intro to Trends

What is a Trend? a Hype? a Fad? how can I detect, understand and use trends professionally? All the methods and tools.

Introduction to Innovation

For companies that start innovation processes and want to do it right from the beginning. Concepts, tasks and essential roles, processes and objectives. Building up an innovation program and its management

Service Design

Service Design Program oriented to companies that want to improve or design profitable user-centered services with analysis and design methods applied to the design of the store experience, web, customer service, and sales and exhibition spaces.

Startup Thinking

We help large and entrepreneurial companies to streamline their internal processes and services, understand bottlenecks, solve efficiency challenges and implement quick solutions directly.

Team Management

How to conform, motivate and manage teams with high accuracy and in a great environment

Design Thinking for Negotiation

The empathic negotiation canvas helps to prepare negotiations by knowing the counterpart in depth and analysing their motivations, objections and possible arguments. Essential tool for strategists, sales, unit managers and middle managers.

Consumer Behaviour

Tools and methods to understand consumer habits, behaviours and preferences and plan sales and marketing strategies

Design for Play - Gamification

How to apply gamification to your internal processes, services, and even work meetings? Turn your processes into agile and enjoyable activities while increasing your productivity.

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