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Happiness Jam

Program: Service Design, Entrepreneurship, Business Design
Menu: Prototyping and testing of services. (Prototyping and testing)
Duration: 2 days
Category: Specialized/Bootcamp

A tablespoon of the course:

Happiness is a powerful weapon, a wave of positivity can change more than we imagine. Happiness is also a journey, if we design small moments full of joy, we can have an impact on happiness in the long term. Emotional design guides us towards happiness, the more human our products or services are, the easier it is to establish a lasting relationship...

We invite you to be part of this movement, more human and happier.

Team Talking about the importance of happiness at work and within organisations

Specially cooked for:


All professionals and different areas that have an interest in designing solutions for a happier society.

We are looking for happy smiling people ready to cook and design with us!


Aimed at:


Independent professionals who provide services, Entrepreneurs, Managers of service companies, Managers and Administrators linked to customer service, face-to-face, virtual and customer service. Marketing Directors, Sales Directors, Heads of Area, Supervisors and Personnel linked to the Culture, Tourism and Catering sector. Public workers.



services, tourism, culture, health, public services, banking services, professional services, health services, after-sales services, customer service, service design, service design.


For more information on availability or reservations please send us an email or request a meeting with our teamwork.

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