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Social Innovation

Program: Service Design, Entrepreneurship, Business Design, Innovation
Menu: Social Innovation

Duration: One day, four hours in the morning and afternoon
Level: Basic


A tablespoon of the course:

For those interested in finding a social purpose in their daily work or starting a social enterprise this project-based learning experience will help them improve and implement the complexity and extreme satisfaction that social change provides. 

Together with social leaders from different locations in the world we will explore, volunteer and contribute to social projects in execution and at the same time design our own social enterprise. These leaders will advise and provide feedback from their experience on how to start, fund and execute programs and actions with social impact. Main sources and partners for development in different countries and details of working with communities at risk.


Aimed to:

Corporate Social Responsibility Executives and teams, Corporate Volunteers, Managers and Administrators responsible for social impact and problem-solving, HR Department Managers, Heads of well-being and VoC Areas, Public Servants and contractors linked to Government, NGOs, Social Services, International Development, Community Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Social innovation refers to the development and implementation of new ideas, strategies, and initiatives that create positive social impact or solve social problems. It involves finding innovative solutions to address social challenges and promote sustainable development.

Take Away:

 A completely different mindset about work and social purpose, A practical down-to-earth approach to social organisation leadership, Technical skills in social project design and development, social strategy skills, Human Centred Design Principles, and Social entrepreneurship skills.

Keywords:  human-centred, social enterprise, Bcorps, social impact, innovation, Social change, segmentation, needs, necessities, social transformation.


For more information on availability or reservations please request a meeting with our teamwork.

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