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Service DesignWeek

What is the servicedesignweek?

Five days for identifying and designing or re-designing good services in step-by-step sessions and with international facilitators. In our latest versions, we have combined the participation of big companies, from relevant industries with our hands-on workshops and big challenges with real-life projects. We also have the participation of professionals, students, academic experts and recognized professionals to make this event fun and impactful, applying solutions to real problems and going further, besides talks, networking, and beers!

What you will see in any  #SDWBCN

We will be happy to host a new version in Barcelona or in your city!
each year, we explore bigger challenges around Service Design, focusing on ideating services that help economic recovery and involve the digital space, practical solutions for medium and small businesses, and key insights for professionals, stakeholders, and students! 

Public services like healthcare, education, public space, and mobility, among many others have been pushed into the digital era due to the global lockdown and restrictions imposed by COVID-19. The digitalization of our interactions with the public administration and the limitation of human contact has transformed the way public and commercial services are offered and implemented now. During #SDWbcn we will explore cases, methods, and experiences around the design of on-site services, digital services, and the digitalization of traditional services. 

Join us for the Masterclasses, webinars, and workshops online, and if you are in Barcelona, we have only 5 spots to attend the workshops on-site.

Day One

16:00-16:30: Service Design Week Opening 

Intro to Service Design
 - Jorge Rodriguez

16:30-17:45: Masterclass

18:15-18:30: Toolkits: Prints + Digital

18:30-18:45: Context / Ecosystem Mapping

8:45-19:30: Workshop

19:30-19:45: How Might We?

Day Two

16:00-16:30: Digitalization of public services
16:30-17:15:  Public Services

17:15-17:30: Q&A

17:30-18:00: Break 
18:00-18:30: Stakeholders Map & Systemic value 
18:30-19:00: Workshop

9:00-19:15: The Moscow Method 
19:15-20:00: Workshop

Day Three 

16:00-16:30: Inicio Digital literacy 1
16:30-17:00: Experience as a Service – Challenge. 
17:00-17:15: Q&A Sandra

7:15-17:45: Customer Journey Mappers
17:45-18:00: Break 15min 
18:00-18:30: Masterclass 

18:30-18:45: Q&A

8:45-19:30: Service Design BluePrinting alive. 
19:30-20:00: Workshop BluePrint. 


Day Four

16:00-16:30: Digital Divide
, Literacy and Service Technology

16:30-17:00: 30 min: CaseStudy  
17:00-17:15: Q&A

17:15-17:45: Phygitalización e Innovación. 
17:45-18:00: Break 15min

18:00-18:30: Digitalization and New Business models

18:30-18:45: Q&A

18:45-19:45: Workshop. Plan for Testing


Day Five

16:00-17:000: Masterclass Perfect Pitch 
17:30-18:00: Grupo 
17:45-18:00: Workshop 
Break 18:00-18:20: 
18:20- 19:30 Pitchings&Feedback
19:30 Conclusions and Closing

Join our Service Design Community and Learn about our previous versions of Barcelona Service Design Week, here.


We can organize a Service Design Week for your organization or team!

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