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Podcast Club

Program: Service Design, Entrepreneurship, Business Design
Menu: Podcast Club
Duration: One da
y, three hours
Level: Intermediate


A tablespoon of the course:

Updating your team is fundamental and that is why we have created a new version of the good old book club in the form of a podcast series, encouraging participants to engage online and offline, listening to amazing interviews and conversations about, not only innovation but other topics that enhance our professional and social skills. In this new version, your team will play, read, write, discuss and gain so much knowledge without even realising it. 
The podcast club builds community as it trains your team or group to get ready for the future. We will co-design the podcast club in your organisation or team according to the topics and skills you wish to develop or strengthen


Aimed to:

Teams of any kind, Communities, Unions, Groups of Friends, Board members, Clubs, Associations, Guilds, Company Executives, Managers and Administrators responsible for teams and problem-solving, Department Managers, Marketing Directors, Sales Directors, Heads of Area, Supervisors and Personnel linked to the Government, Industrial, Commercial or Services. Independent professionals, Entrepreneurs,


Take away:

The habit of actualisation, critical thinking, discussion, and skills upgrade

Podcast Club in-company training : Improve your professional and soft skills at La Innovation Kitchen

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For more information on availability or reservations please request a meeting with our teamwork.

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