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Nairobi Treasure Hunt

Intro For today and in the tradition of our urban immersions, we propose a very brief exploration of Nairobi with a couple of new friends so you can test your abilities to work in teams, collaborate, and support each other. Nairobi is the perfect place to explore together, mingle, talk, interact with people and find out more about your team. Our Nairobi Treasure Hunt is a simple team activity to explore the city, Some interesting group activities for your team of new friends to collaborate, have fun together, and understand each other. You will explore Nairobi with 3 more people, and together need to fill out the steps the challenge sets for you. Read the steps carefully, make a plan, and use collective intelligence and the knowledge and resources the team has to reach the final goal and win the challenge. Make sure to choose a good team, be open, and empathic, and set the space for everyone to achieve their best. This is gonna be easy, fun, and very memorable! are you ready?

1. Find your Team Always remember that "A Great Team is the Key" to achieving any goal, implementing any project, making change, and achieving success in life. Make sure you find people who you like, and who you can get along with, but also people who complement your talents and skills, people who think from a different perspective, and people who help you learn things you don´t know. All teams are required to have: Gender Balance. Diversity in Culture, Experience, and Skills. No more than 4 members or less than 2 members. Own a mobile phone with a camera. At least 2 persons you do not know.

2. 3 team selfies with different graffitis. You need to find at least 3 graffiti or bus paintings in the street, with or without an author and make at least 3 selfies with 3 DIFFERENT graffiti or bus paintings. It is not about 3 selfies with the same graffiti or bus painting. Find the nicest street art in town or the nicest messages you like and make a selfie with them! upload them here in the questionnaire section.

3. Eleganza Extravaganza You and your team need to find the person wearing the strangest or more exotic/extravagant attire, someone who really stands up from the crowd because of the way they are dressing. No need for including their faces unless they agree to that! It can be anyone, any age any place in the city. make sure to capture their best angle and the attire they are wearing, no judgments, just identify someone who is really different from the crowd and expresses it with their fashion. Make sure to upload at least two pictures of the same person

4. Interviews with locals In this step, your team and you should interview at least two people about Internet Security or Internet Freedom. As this is a topic you know, make sure to be a good listener, and capture their opinions but mostly, try to listen to the struggles, situations, anecdotes, and insights they will provide you. Establish a friendly conversation and make sure to listen more than talk. Let your interviewees express their points of view, respect them and take notes and write the main ideas! Conversations are the best way to know people, and also facts about the things we do.

5. Best or Cheapest Coffee in Nairobi Your team needs to find out which place (café, bar, restaurant, etc) has the best or cheapest coffee in Nairobi. We are talking about a coffee you can sit and drink with friends, (not a bag of coffee at the supermarket.). Ask around, talk to locals and go there, we definitely need to know the place. Now that you know the place, get a coffee with your team, make a team selfie and upload it here, showing the menu with the price of the coffee you are drinking!

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