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Innovation Startup Lab

innovation startup lab in-company training: Improve your professional and soft skills at La Innovation Kitchen

Cooked by La Innovation Kitchen - DesignThinkers Group Spain 

Program: Service design, Entrepreneurship, Business Design
Menu:  Innovation Startup Lab
Duration: 4 days
Category: Specialized/Bootcamp

A tablespoon of the sessions:

Did you know that each year, more than 100 million startups are successfully created worldwide? We are at the key moment to make our dreams come true. Ideas today have a lot of strength and potential, thanks to the large number of entrepreneurs who are willing to transform their ideas into reality. If you are one of them, or you want to expand your innovative and creative skills, this laboratory is what you have been waiting for.


We present you: Innovation Startup Lab.

A space for exchange and collaboration for entrepreneurs that offers the perfect tools to outline projects with the support of innovation experts.


Specially cooked for:

Companies with entrepreneurs, who want to innovate by trying new experiences to stimulate creativity.

Entrepreneurs with projects or ideas ready to take action.


We are looking for people hungry for innovation who want to cook with us!


Aimed at: Independent professionals who provide services, Entrepreneurs, Managers of service companies, Managers and Administrators linked to customer service, face-to-face, virtual and customer service. Marketing Directors, Sales Directors, Heads of Area, Supervisors and Personnel linked to the Culture, Tourism and Catering sector. Public workers.


Keywords: services, tourism, culture, health, public services, banking services, professional services, health services, after-sales services, customer service, service design, service design.


For more information on upcoming dates, availability or reservations, please visit our meetings area.

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