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Customer Journey Mapping

Program: Service Design, Entrepreneurship, Business Design
Menu: Customer Journey Mapping
Duration: One day, four hours in the morning and afternoon
Category: Tool


A tablespoon of the course:

Are you ready to go on a journey with your consumer? We promise that it will be very entertaining and interesting, you will get to know every last detail of this figure. From the initial contact, to the commitment process, achieving a long-term relationship. We will identify the key interactions of the consumer with the company. We will know your feelings, motivations and doubts for each point of contact. This course has been designed under our “Learning by doing” methodology which allows us to apply the tools learned in a dynamic and fun way.


Addressed to:

Independent professionals who provide services, Entrepreneurs, Directors of service companies, Managers and Administrators linked to customer service, face-to-face, virtual and customer service. Marketing Directors, Sales Directors, Heads of Area, Supervisors and Personnel linked to the Culture, Tourism and Catering sector. Public workers.


Take Away:

The exact recipe for creating your own consumer journey maps. You will be able to diagram the end-to-end steps that your client follows when interacting with your company. You will identify the most important ingredients of the journey, the motivations, doubts, points of contact, you will understand the customer's annoyances and identify opportunities.

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Keywords: services, tourism, culture, health, public services, banking services, professional services, health services, after-sales services, customer service, service design, service design.


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