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Consumer Behaviour


Program: Service Design, Entrepreneurship, Business Design
Menu: Consumer Behaviour
Duration: One day, four hours in the morning and afternoon
Level: Basic

A tablespoon of the course:

IOne of the keys to keeping customers and clients interested and satisfied is comprehending and predicting their demands and behaviours. This learning journey gives you the skills, knowledge, and comprehension of human behaviours, contemporary drivers and motivations, the reasons why preferences occur, and how to recognise and take intelligible lessons from research and insight. To remain relevant in any industry or community, interpreting consumer data and visualising potential new behaviours are crucial. Humans are complex, unpredictable, and frequently illogical. Studies of consumer behaviour combine data analysis with elements of psychology, sociology, and strategy.

Aimed to:

Data Scientists, marketeers, Company owners, team leaders, Front desk service officers,, Department Managers, Marketing Directors, Strategy Directors, Customer service staff, Personnel linked to the Government, Industrial, Commercial or Services, UX designers and engineers, Independent professionals, Entrepreneurs,


Take Away:

This learning journey will provide you and your team with a new mindset towards consumers and clients for delivering relevant products services and experiences, strategic vision about engagement, marketing and brand planning and the power to create and manage meaningful interactions with diverse audiences.


Human-centred, user-centred, human, empathy, value delivery, data science, communication studies, visualisation, information needs, knowledge necessities, ethnography, sociology.

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