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Design Thinking Certification

Graduation Hat Throw

You can follow our process and certify your knowledge according to the different levels and expertise of our program as:


Design Thinking Enthusiast: less than 10 hours of online or theoretical training: You are starting to realize relevant concepts and useful tools but have not had yet the opportunity to put them into practice. 


Design Thinking Level 1: less than 20 hours of formal live applied training. You understand the design thinking process and have work in a team towards a small fictional challenge, attended a jam, or short training. 


Design Thinking Level 2: less than 30 hours of live applied training. you have incorporated more tools and fully understand the design thinking process, worked on more than one team more than one challenge and you are able to debrief a wicked problem. You have participated in the real-life challenges. 


Design Thinking Practitioner: Less than 40 hours of the project applied training: You have been improving our skills by developing small and mid-size challenges, deeply understand how the process and tools work, and still need to improve result implementation for DT outcome. 


Design Thinking Facilitator: less than  60 hours of the project applied training + 20 hours of facilitation training and session facilitation. You are capable of leading teams and you have been trained to design and facilitate design thinking sessions. you are capable to transmit the concepts and the process structure but your actual project implementation experience is not yet extensive. You can now act as a design thinking champion at work.


Design Thinking Expert: more than 80 hours of the project applied training + 25 hours of workshop facilitation. You have started to lead design thinking processes at work and you have incorporated most of the tools and the logic into your daily work. you can modify tools to adapt them to your projects and design methods to ideate and test. You feel comfortable facilitating sessions and supporting colleagues about design thinking.


Design Thinking Partner: more than 120 hours of the project applied training + 50 hours of boot camp facilitation. You have run a couple of design thinking boot camps, understand the backstage of designing a session, feel comfortable applying the design thinking methodology to more than one project simultaneously and you have seen long-term results and impact of design thinking in business and process design.


Design Thinking Master: Designed and implemented by the DesignThinkers Spain team since 2011, this postgraduate program offers the perfect combination for fully developing an innovation mindset based in human-centered design methodologies. The program also includes topics as service design, systems thinking, gamification, lego serious play among others. Tailored under the project-based learning methodology is 100% practical. 200 hours offered as a university postgraduate program.


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