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Business Opportunity

Image by Austin Chan

Learn to use Research as a first step to develop the project of your dreams!
Start taking action and developing your beautiful ideas into a feasible business opportunity! 
Explore tools like Miró with a professional trainer who will bring practical learnings and a set of 7-days Challenge to put hands-on in that idea that is fair to make it happen!

This experience is a bundle promo with two parts: One self-paced course and one set of practical steps to follow we called Challenge, where you will be able to connect with other students and discover real-life exercises. This will help you discover great strategies to discover a business opportunity for you!


1. Online Course: 123 to turn your research into a business opportunity! This training has been carefully designed by professionals and experts from the DesignThinkers Group Spain team, actively working in Innovation, who prepared an easy-to-follow course, available in our e-learning platform


2. Challenges: 7-days Cooking an idea! Dare yourself and connect with other innovators, we have design an internal platform where you can connect with others and participate in a set of exercises to accomplish and bring practical knowledge into the real world.

What you will achieve from this bundle:

✔ Explore the power of RESEARCH!

✔ Get tools to make the right decisions with actions!

✔ Validate your favorite ideas or assumptions
✔ Find out your potential users

✔ Learn 3 fundamental steps to start any business opportunity

✔ Complete practical Ideation exercises through our Challenge: 7-days Cooking an idea!

✔ Avoid mistakes with the advice and insights suggested by the instructor.
✔ Personal feedback on your projects once completing the user survey.

Meet your instructor

Maru Latournerie


Head of Research @Pixel Research Lab
A curious designer who specializes in research for over 10 years. She has experience in research projects, change management, communication & implementation of findings in projects in the US, LATAM, and Europe. She obtained a Master’s degree in Research for Design and Innovation MIDI  at ELISAVA. 

She worked at Haworth as a Workplace Strategist, together with a talented remote team in Singapore, developed Workplace Consultancy Services for LATAM, testing and running large Workplace strategy projects in Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, and Costa Rica. A few years later she moved to a research position as a Workplace Research Specialist working remotely at the Haworth Global Workplace Research team, identifying trends, developing services and tools to inform workplace strategy and design. 

Today she runs her own business Pixel Research Lab with her partner in Barcelona. 5 years of running her business with no investment or debt, a growing team, and a diverse group of clients. Working with the top startups in Spain like Colvin, Wallbox, Wallapop, ABAEnglish, validating concepts and partnering with other entrepreneurs in projects like Emigroo, HumanSpace, and currently on the making of two digital platforms for entrepreneurs and a new way to explore our cities, soon to launch MVPs. 


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