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Design Thinkers España Ayuntamiento de Barcelona
Design Thinkers España Jornadas Vincles

Construïm Vincles Conference


Creation of a space for participation and co-creation with entities of the social sector linked to work with older adults.

Open participation processes represent an important exercise for democracy, the perfect opportunity for social innovation.

The city of Barcelona approaches these processes in a dynamic and open way.

We were excited to be part of this process!


For lainnovationkitchen team, it has been a truly enriching experience to design and execute this part of the Vincles project in its process of co-creation and open participation.

The challenges, workshops, tools and work sessions that were carried out for the Life Quality Area, Igualtat i Esports and were carefully designed. Using the most appropriate tools for each case. With a friendly language and a conducive environment, it was possible to create a large number of solutions in a short time, taking advantage of the talent and collective wisdom.



Create a priority scheme that would allow to take advantage of all the ideals raised by the organizations. Establish consensus by achieving continuous participation by them through their own platform.


Step One: Determine the Key Questions

To be able to carry out this great purpose, the Barcelona City Council's quality of life team identified ten fundamental issues. With them, social organizations could contribute according to their experience and permanent contact with the elderly. The Vincles project design and programming team will be able to resolve the features and functions that the application offers, either in the present or near future.


Second Step: Design the space for participation, methodologies and tools for the eight challenges

Taking advantage of the wide dissemination that was given to the Bloomberg prize awarded to the Vincles project, the Barcelona city council made its official presentation with the presence of the mayor, international experts and more than 200 social organizations that work with older people in the city.


lainnovationkitchen designed for the event, a seminar with eight workshops facilitated by selected professionals from the area of ​​innovation. Each workshop involved the design of a specific set of tools or toolkit; based on proprietary and popular methodologies that can help organizations to generate ideas, opinions and solutions on the eight main challenges of the Vincles App. Eight simultaneous workshops were carried out, achieving the participation of about 200 people, generating ideas and creating solutions for the elderly.


Third Step: Analysis and compilation of insights and ideas applicable to the project

At the end of the workshops, we collect and analyze all the material generated in them. DesignThinkers Spain delivers a specific publication with solutions, functionality, the main insights and the "best practices" recommended by social organizations.


Value for the project

Taking advantage of the experience and collective intelligence of the social sector, finding in them the best possible ideas and solutions for the design of the application and the program of activities that complement it.



Valuable information and direct recommendations from the 200 participants for the design of the application, avoiding errors due to ignorance of the end user, their immediate environment and the members of the circles of trust.


Important insights for the further development of the Vincles ecosystem that could include other related services, activities and linking to programs. Finally the analysis of future opportunities for the application.

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