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1-to-1 in your City

Personalized professional coaching for developing innovation mindset skills works by providing individualized guidance and support tailored to your specific needs and goals. 

  • First, you'll collaborate with your coach to identify your current strengths, areas for improvement, and objectives related to fostering an innovation mindset.

  • Next, your coach will work closely with you to design a customised coaching plan, incorporating strategies, techniques, and exercises to enhance your innovation mindset skills.

Throughout the coaching process, you'll engage in regular one-on-one sessions with your coach, receiving personalised feedback, guidance, and support to help you overcome challenges, develop new perspectives, and cultivate a mindset conducive to innovation.

Additionally, your coach may assign action-oriented tasks and assignments to reinforce learning and encourage real-world application of innovation mindset principles.

By leveraging the expertise of your coach and committing to the coaching process, you'll gain valuable insights, develop essential skills, and unlock your full potential as an innovative thinker and leader.

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We offer two individualised executive programs:

  • Leaders of Service Design Thinking within large Corporations or NGOs at your office or premises scheduled in advance.


  • Second, you can join our team in Barcelona. We will include you in real projects and organize inspiring visits to other agencies or companies. This way you can immerse yourself in the world of Service Design Thinking, optimise your training skills, learn by doing, and make sure we train the specific tools and knowledge you are looking for.

We will develop an individual program to meet your specific demands, but to give you an example of individual 'Learning by Doing' programs we offer:


A short and interactive introduction to Innovation Mindset and Service Design Thinking. What is it, where does it come from and why now? What are the challenges? What are the main "schools of thought" within service design? What are the key case studies? What tools can you use? Where can you find more information?


Day 1 Afternoon> LEARNING BY DOING

The focus for the afternoon program will be on the practical part, learning by doing. The tool we will practice is: Customer Journey Mapping. We will prepare some interesting challenges and people and train you in Customer Journey Mapping: customer interaction with service. Ethnographic research, interviews with business owners, people on the street. Service Fellow App and translation of findings in Persona's & Customer Journeys.


Working in cases: financial services, insurance services, telecommunications services, IT, government services, NGO, fashion, luxury leisure, tourism, health. And teleconference sessions with our associates and team members around the world to discuss specific cases or topics.


Day 2 Afternoon> LEARNING BY DOING

Working on a live case with members of the DesignThinkers Group team. Guided by a Senior Consultant from Designthinkers Group, you will gain the experience of facilitating a co-creation session.



We would like to invite you to dinner and discuss your specific business case and share our experience and knowledge on starting a Service Design Thinking Agency and creating a network.


Training the StartUp Canvas and Roadmapping / Blueprinting.


Day 3 Afternoon> NETWORKING

Visit to other projects, agencies or design departments according to the industry.

Available in Barcelona, México, Bogotá, Lima, Madrid, San Salvador, Sto Domingo, Lisbon, 

*Cancellation policy: one week in advance 50% refund, cancellation after that period without refund. Vouchers can be passed on to another person with the written approval of the organizer. 21% VAT not included for Spanish companies or private persons and for private persons without VAT number outside of Spain

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